6625 Cherry Drive
For Sale by Owner
About Us

We have lived in 6625 Cherry Drive for almost 4 years, making the house our home. In that time, we have updated the kitchen (gas/electric range; dishwasher; refridgerator; granite counter tops; sink/faucet), added a dimensional shingle 30 year roof (in 2011) and gas water heater, and maintained the home with loving care. While we have no desire to move away from this wonderful home, a transfer to another city demands it and we're looking for someone that wants to make this their home.

Throughout the home's history, it has been occupied by new families who have set out to establish their community in one of Knoxville's happiest, friendliest neighborhoods. Without a doubt, the people of Forest Brook are the friendliest, kindest and most welcoming we've come across: people that open their doors for neighborhood parties or neighbors that share their gardens' bounty are commonplace.

We look forward to sharing our experiences in this wonderful neighborhood and helping you to find your way to your own stories.